How to banish a sweet tooth

How to banish a sweet tooth

Top ways to banish your sweet tooth

Everyone knows that having a sweet tooth isn’t the healthiest preference!

Fat used to be labelled as the enemy but now we know that sugar is more to blame for ill health. Having a high sugar diet can often result in poor skin, erratic energy levels, diabetes, premature ageing and many other chronic health conditions.

In order to feel and look healthier, many people choose to cut out or drastically reduce the amount of sugar in our diets but overcoming your sweet tooth is sometimes next to impossible with willpower alone, so what can you do to help curb your cravings?

Watch your portions

Look for foods that have a low glycaemic load, as their impact on blood sugar level is minimal and you’ll be less likely to experience blood glucose highs and lows that will have you reaching for treats. Each meal should contain protein, non-starchy vegetables and unrefined carbohydrates and try to limit sweet tasting veg and opt for green veg like broccoli and spinach, ideally making up half your plate. Sources of protein like lean turkey, eggs and fish are digested slowly and make you feel fuller for longer.

Always have brekkie!

If you skip breakfast you are more likely to crave sugar around the late morning or lunchtime. To keep your blood sugar levels steady try two poached eggs on a slice of wholemeal bread for breakfast, maybe with some rocket leaves or a pot of sugar-free yoghurt with nuts and berries.
Stock up on healthy alternatives
A healthy snack between meals can help while you’re trying to give up sugar, as it stops your sugar levels dropping too low, which can cause sweet cravings. Two oatcakes topped with a tablespoon of humus or guacamole is a healthy alternative to a sugary snack. If you’re reaching for the fruit bowl, avoid always choosing bananas and opt for berries as they are naturally low in sugar.

Put down the kettle

Caffeine is a stimulant that releases stress hormones in the body, which can uneven energy levels and heighten sugar cravings later in the day. Even decaffeinated coffee and tea may contain other stimulants, so instead try naturally caffeine free rooibos tea or grain based coffee alternatives.

Our Top 3 Supplements To Stop That Sweet Tooth

Fish Oil is not only an essential supplement for heart, joints and the brain, but it will also keep you fuller for longer as it enhances insulin sensitivity. Try our Cod Liver Oil.

CoEnzyme Q10 is needed for energy production and enhances your metabolism. It also maximizes the burning of foods for fuel, helping to normalise fats in our blood. Try our Ubiquinol Qu10.

Chromium has a vital role in supporting normal blood glucose levels, and therefore helps to prevent the dips that cause us to crave sugary foods. Try our Chromium Picolinate.