Keep your family healthy this winter

Keep your family healthy this winter

Keep your family healthy this winter

As the days grow darker, we begin to embrace the chilly winter months and look forward to a festive break with our families. However, during the seasonal period, an influx of family reunions and stressful present shopping (what do you buy a Grandma who has everything?) can cause havoc on your emotional and physical health. Not to worry, below are our top tips for keeping your family happy and healthy this winter.

Immune System

During the winter months your immune system is supressed due to a mix of the cold temperature, the lack of sunshine and a habit of eating more junk food, and as such you can become vulnerable to those pesky cold and flu bugs. Although your immune system is your body’s natural defence, during this period it may need a helping hand in keeping cold and flu viruses at bay. Exercise is a great means of improving immunity with studies showing that people who exercise have a stronger immune system than those who don’t, so why not wrap up the family and go for a brisk walk in your local park this weekend. As well as exercising, increasing your vitamin C intake can promote a healthy immune system. Try our Once A Day Immune C, and for the little ones, our Chewable Vitamin C to help give their immune system a boost.

Eat Right

We’re sure you know the old saying ‘you are what you eat’! As the weather gets colder, our bodies burn more energy to keep warm so having a nutritious and balanced diet will help your health and immunity. Try filling your Christmas roast with seasonal root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, beetroot and turnips, which are a source of fibre and are high in antioxidants. As well as incorporating fresh vegetables into your meals, try to avoid comfort food as much as possible. We all find ourselves reaching for that slice of fruit cake, but rather than storing up on junk food try to satisfy your sweet cravings with complex carbohydrates such as bananas and nuts that will release energy slowly throughout your body.  To help improve your energy levels further, try our Mega B 50 to help reduce fatigue and give you a natural boost this winter.

De-stress and rest

With the festive period being so hectic it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself.  Although many of us may be on holiday leave, it can be easy to feel like you’re still hard at work! With the kids off school, family dinners to organise and present shopping to complete, our stress levels can rise while energy levels droop.  Take time to enjoy the winter break with family and catch up on some much-needed sleep and relaxation. To make sure you don’t have a stress-mas, try our Siberian Ginseng, which contributes to physical and mental performance, helping to reduce the body’s stress levels and improve stamina.

Kid’s Health

As the kids take a break from school and embrace the freedom of the Christmas holidays it can be easy for them to get into an unhealthy routine of TV binging, junk food gorging and late nights.  Ensure your children sustain a healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying the festivities by encouraging them to exercise outdoors, having a set bedtime and maintaining a healthy diet. Plan fun activities such as ice-skating, exploring a Christmas market and baking healthy treats to keep them entertained and active. To help boost your children’s health further this winter, try our KidzBiotix to support every day digestive, gut and immune health.

Holiday Health

Holiday Health

Whether you prefer an activity packed holiday, or a relaxed indulgent getaway, there are many ways we can enjoy this summer period whilst still staying healthy. Therefore we’ve rounded up our top tips on staying happy and healthy, to make sure nothing ruins those summer plans.


Beat the heat

In the bustle of holiday life it can be easy to forget one of the most important things – to stay hydrated, particularly if you are in a hot country, or spending hours on a beach lying in the sun. Therefore make sure you’ve always got a bottle of water with you and aim to drink between 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day,. Another tip is to snack on hydrating foods such as cucumber, watermelon and strawberries, as these can contribute towards your water intake each day.

Skin Saviors

When you’re reclining on the beach or out exploring in the sun, be careful not to expose your skin to too much sunlight as this can not only cause the skin to age and wrinkle, but also increases the risks of more permanent skin damage. If you’re outside during the hottest hours of the day, make sure you’ve applied plenty of sun cream and found a shady spot to escape to. This will help to ensure your exposure to harmful UV rays is limited. It might also be worth taking a supplement such as our UbiquinolQ10 as this can protect your skin and body tissues against any harmful free radicals, which can contribute to the ageing process.


Balance your gut

When travelling abroad, the change in culture and environment means you’re probably exploring exciting new cuisines, it is therefore important to keep yourself equipped to make sure you don’t run into any tummy troubles. One way to do this is to take an immune boosting multi-vitamin such as our Mega 8 Biotix. These can help provide a positive balance of friendly bacteria in the gut, thus strengthening your immune and digestive health. Also remember to bring a small first aid kit wherever you go in the rare case of emergency. Better to be safe than sorry!



Getting active can be the best way to stay healthy on holiday, and is also a great way of gaining more from your summer experience.

Whether you are abroad or simply going on a ‘staycation’, why not get outside and go for a walk. This can be exploring the neighboring towns, attractions and landmarks, or even hikes through forests or mountains. There are always new places to discover! To revive your energy it is important to have a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables, dairy products such as milk and cheese, protein such as eggs and meat and low GI complex carbohydrates such as wholegrain bread and brown rice. Also don’t forget the most important meal of the day – breakfast! If you are unable to compile the perfect balance, energy can also be increased through supplements such as our Energy B+C, which can be taken once a day to give you that extra energy boost.


Rest ant Relax

While you’re away, don’t forget to sit back and enjoy the moment! Taking time to enjoy the moment is what holidays are about after all. Let all the stress of work melt away by spending quality time with your loved ones and taking time to reflect on your day. The healthiest way to spend your holiday is having a combination of all these things.

8 Ways to sneak in a work out

8 Ways to sneak in a work out

Are you constantly juggling your time between the likes of commuting, working, catching up with friends and struggle to add exercise into the mix? If you don’t already have a time slot set out to keep fit, it can seem impossible to exercise but here are some of our favourite tips to up your fitness, even in the busiest of schedules!

1. Use your feet before the wheels
Rather than jumping in the car to your local shop or work meeting, why not leave a bit earlier and take a stroll? It can be a great way to relax and clear your mind too. To give you that “get up and go” feeling try our Once A Day Energy B&C. This quick release formula provides a full spectrum of the B vitamins, plus vitamin C, which also helps to reduce fatigue and stress, helping you to feel more energised for exercise!

2. Embrace fidgeting
Are you naturally someone who feels like they constantly have to move, whether that’s simply tapping your foot, or swinging on your chair? This could actually help you burn calories, so even with a busy schedule you could be exercising without even realising!

3. Recruit a friend
Rather than meeting a friend for coffee, why not head out for a powerwalk, or head to a gym class together? This way you can squeeze in a work out and have a catch up.

4. Save time by cycling
Cycling around cities can be one of the quickest modes of transport, so you can save time on your journey whilst fitting in a work out! Cycling is a low impact exercise so great for those who struggle with joint pain, but if you’re still finding this painful try our Super Omega 3-6- 9 to help reduce inflammation around your joints.

5. Make those windows sparkle
Finding it hard to burn calories, when you feel as though there are so many chores to do around the house? Try embracing the housework, as this can in fact help you burn calories – win, win! Clean the windows in a circular motion, working up a sweat to shift some calories.

6. Take the children with you
If you have little ones to look after, you could invest in a jogging stroller to help you get your miles in, without having to fork out for childcare. Or, you could take your young brood for a stroll to the park, helping to up your step count or even strap your baby into a carrier and do squats for extra resistance.

7. Don’t be a couch potato
Why not combine your favourite programme with some exercise? In the ad breaks you can do some push-ups, crunches, squats, or even jumping jacks. At least when you sit back down and relax your sofa will feel even more comfortable!

8. Set an alarm
Give your eyes a break from your computer screen, especially if you’re chained to your desk at work. Set an alarm every half an hour to remind yourself to leave your desk and stretch your legs.