Probiotics Myth – Taking it with Antibiotic

Probiotics Myth – Taking it with Antibiotic

Probiotics Myth – Taking it with Antibiotic

Probiotics are good bacteria that have life-supporting and healthy effects on your body especially your digestive system. Probiotics are made up of different strains of bacteria and each strain interacts with the body differently. Thus, it’s essential to make an informed decision about the probiotic supplement you choose. Different probiotic strains give different benefits to the body, and some bacteria-based supplements may contain inconsistent strains.

There is a common myth that probiotics can’t be used with antibiotics. In fact, there are different probiotic choices available that can be beneficial before, during, and after antibiotic use.

Myth: You should never take probiotics while taking antibiotics

Taking probiotics with antibiotics was considered a waste of money, and people would instead wait until the course of antibiotics had finished before taking a dose of their probiotic supplement to restore the depleted friendly bacteria levels.

FactTaking probiotic can benefit the body during and after antibiotic use
Antibiotics are used to eliminate invasive bacteria from the body which can affect the health, but an antibiotic cannot differentiate the good bacteria from the bad. This implies, however, the bacterial probiotic might be useful for your body, the antibiotic only recognises it as a bacterial organism and destroys it.

As antibiotics destroy all bacteria, they often upset the balance of the body by exhausting the body’s naturally existing good bacteria in addition to any bad bacteria. This can leave the body more vulnerable to infections. The use of a yeast-based probiotic, which isn’t compromised by antibiotics, used in conjunction with antibiotic treatment can help to maintain healthy levels of good bacteria, stabilising the internal balance of the gut and leaving the antibiotic to fight off only bad bacteria. Maintaining digestive health can support a healthy immune system before, throughout and after antibiotic use.

While there might be concerns about taking a bacteria-based probiotic with antibiotics, as opposed to yeast-based probiotics, they can help to support digestive health even when it is weakened by antibiotics. We recommend a reliable yeast-based probiotic to maintain digestive harmony and to support overall health. Taking yeast-based probiotics consistently supports your body before, during, and after and antibiotic use.