Losing weight can be incredibly difficult. When you’re desperately trying to fit into the jeans you wore back in college, any form of help – most notably, supplements – is welcome. Somewhere along your weight-loss journey, you may have heard about green coffee extract; a supplement promoted as an effortless way to shed pounds. Expectedly, you’re skeptical of its touted benefits – does it work? And, most crucially, where’s the proof? Well, continue reading for the answers to your questions!

What is green coffee extract?

Green coffee is raw coffee beans. These unroasted beans are soaked and then concentrated for the extraction of all the different components present within to create the green coffee bean extract.

Why can’t I just drink coffee instead?

You may be surprised, but untreated green coffee beans contain lots of beneficial compounds, such as chlorogenic acid, which exerts an antioxidant effect on the body. According to research, this particular compound is thought to block fat accumulation, curb carb absorption, and boost weight loss!

When coffee beans are roasted to create the characteristic aroma coffee lovers crave, their concentration of chlorogenic acid falls – reducing its capability to help you shed the weight! Also, while made from the same beans, the green coffee extract does not smell nor taste like coffee, a supposed benefit for those who’re not big fans of the espresso, for example.

Does it work for weight loss?

Well, based on current scientific research, yes. According to a review of studies published in Gastroenterology Research and Practice, the green coffee extract was shown to be significantly more effective than a placebo in lowering body weight.

Adding to the evidence is a 2013 review of studies published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine: researchers reported that the subjects lost between 1 – 8 kilograms of body weight as a result of green coffee extract!

How can I try out green coffee extract?

Now that you’re convinced on the weight-loss benefits of green coffee extract, you must be raring to get your hands on some. Well, here’s how you can enjoy your green coffee drink:

Make it yourself
Depending on your location, green coffee beans can be found in many natural food stores and some grocery stores. Once you’ve got yourself a pack of raw beans, go ahead and grind 50 grams in a coffee grinder. Do note that the beans will not grind easily, so it’s normal for large chunks to remain.

Simmer the ground beans in 350 ml of water for 15 minutes, and let it steep for an hour before straining. Voila – you have your green coffee drink!

Get a green coffee bean extract supplement
Understandably, you might not want to go through all that hassle to make it yourself. Thankfully, you can opt for convenient coffee bean extract supplements in the form of tablets or powder that you can easily pop or add into your food.

Just a word of caution: due to the nature of the supplement market, there is no standardization in the amount of green coffee bean extract, so be sure to choose a reliable supplement provider known to manufacture high-quality products.

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